Elesta is a company that manufactures and markets medical devices with a high technological content for the micro-invasive treatment of several pathologies which are otherwise treated surgically.

The technology developed by Elesta integrates laser systems and ultrasound equipment, thanks to which the diagnosis of the lesion and its treatment is performed. The laser light is transmitted into the lesion to be treated using very thin optical fibres, introduced percutaneously by needles with a diameter of less than one millimetre, and their correct positioning takes place under ultrasound guidance in real time. The devices developed by Elesta are designed to preserve patient’s health by offering innovative, micro-invasive and equally effective therapeutic solutions as the traditional surgical therapies.

Some of the most important features of Elesta’s therapeutic approach include safety, absence of general anaesthesia, rapid post-treatment healing that ensures enormous advantages in economic and social-healthcare terms as well.

Elesta offers clinical applications for various parts of the body, including ModìLite treatments for thyroid lesions and metastatic neck lymph nodes, and PBLite for primary and secondary liver tumours. In the urological field, SoracteLite is the non-surgical treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a very common disease with troublesome symptoms that heavily impacts the patient’s quality of life. SoracteLite has also recently been used in ongoing clinical trials for the focal treatment of prostate cancer and renal tumours.