Do you suffer from any of the following?

Increased frequency of urination, urgency and difficulty in urinating, or urinary incontinence? These disorders are often symptoms of a benign prostate disease called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which, if not treated properly, may affect on your quality of life and your relationship with your partner.

Looking for a solution to your urinary disorders?

The solution is SoracteLite: an innovative micro-invasive and non-surgical laser treatment that eliminates these disorders safely, quickly and painlessly, while preserving the normal function of the prostate gland.

People who tried it

During the treatment I did not have any problems, neither significant pain nor bleeding. My urinary function gradually improved over the following months, in addition to which I also resumed normal sexual activity.


(N.B., Engineer, aged 50)


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About Soractelite


We are happy to say that #EchoLaser #SoracteLite #TPLA has been recognized as one of the most crucial updates for #EAU23. A safe way to treat #BPH that preserves sexual function....

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The pogress at European Association of Urology (EAU)

EAU2023 has come to an end. Scientific sessions demonstrated the constant and solid progress EchoLaser is making as a game changer for the treatment of BPH: The first randomized clinical trial vs TURP shows that 96% of the patients treated with EchoLaser were able to...

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Excellent surgery, at the Villa Azzurra Nursing Home

".... Medicine is a field in which every innovation involves improvements for the whole human race, so every opportunity to update their knowledge can only be an investment for the common well-being and for their personal growth. “ The EchoLaser SoracteLite TPLA...

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